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Re: Rofren Pads???

>>My vented ATE discs have been perfect.  Also, I bought Paggid pads last
>>time and have been very pleased.  Anyone care to comment on Paggid vs.
>>STEADERIC wrote:
>>As for Repco's.... My Opinion is WELL known.... Slagmasters just plain
>>SUCK! Paggids are good, a little hard on rotors but very good
>>nevertheless. CC, better. Kinda like the ceramic heat barrier. NJT
>That's Eric's experience. My experience with them has been good. I've
>used them for 4 years in autocrossing and street use. I go through one
>set for 3 events and I'm on the same rotors as I did when I bought the
>car 4 years ago. They are even Midas rotors!!! I just bought Ate rotors
>to put on for next year. I've used Lucas Girling MetalMax's (which are
>the same as Metal Master s) on my lowly '84 4K which lighter and a lot
>slower than Eric's, my mileage DID vary. I think for my car, they
>suffice. I'd rather go with the CC's because they are a much better pad,
>but to say MMs suck may be an exagerration depending on application.

Okay let's try this another way....  On a 3700lbs 5KCSTQ making around 
300hp (For Now) Repco's Suck.  Your talking about a 2500lbs (or less) car 
that makes 110hp, Big difference (50% heavier and roughly 3 times the hp) 
Repco's worked okay on my '81 coupe, not great but okay.  Remember your 
also talking about a Pad compound that has a cf of around .36  the CC 
have anywhere between .48 and .54cf  so the heat rejection potential has 
been increased 60% for the pad alone. Anytime that a pad leaves SLAG on 
the rotor it's just not up to the job, That's what the SlagMasters do, 
Hence my and some others opinions.


Eric Fletcher

STEADI RIC@aol.com