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Re: Sierra Anti Freeze

In a message dated 95-11-01 01:10:29 EST, you write:

>garding the toxicity.  About 6 months ago, I noticed an article my mechanic
>had posted regarding the Sierra (I think it was by one of the ethylene
>manufacturers) that it too is toxic, in part because of the additives such
>corrosion inhibitors, etc., citing a few onces to be toxic.  Thinking of
>licking up spills, that beats ethylene glycol containing anti-freezes whose
>toxicity is measured in spoon-fuls. 

Lets not kid ourselves, in antifreeze form,  propylene glycol is just as
toxic as ethylene glycol to pets....  Sierra was making this claim in an ad,
and my guess is more than a few pets got nixed before Sierra sent out that
flyer (and changed their radio ads too)...  Bottom line: keep the kids/pets
away when messing with the radiator......   Selling the "green" idea and the
"pet" safe concept shouldn't be what you buy this stuff for anyhow.....  Heck
before the radiator overflow canisters, ethylene glycol used to be spilled
everytime the car shut off.....  And the dog pound was just as full as it is