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was Rofren pads: ---> CC

Just to add my $0.02 to what Eric and Scott have said:  I use CC pads also (on
my 944T).  They are so good that my wife complains when she drives the 
car "the brakes are too good, they hurt my neck". They're expensive but they 
last a long time for TRS.  Haven't needed rotors yet in 2 years/20k.  They're 
very noisy for street use and I swapped back stock Jurid pads for street use 
but got lazy and left them in this year.  For rapid repeated braking from 130+
to 60 i.e. track use, they're the ticket, no fade yet with Castrol GT-LMA.  I 
would NOT put them on my *stock* 5kt (unless I was tracking the car) since 
it's my daily commuter.  Oh yeah, the carbon dust is dirty, comes off with 
soap and water on a COLD wheel.  Can't see how CC can destroy a set of wheels,
sounds like BS to me, maybe he waited 3 months to clean the wheels.  Actually,
I've had more pitting of aluminium wheels with regular brake pads.

As always, YBMV.

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