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Re: Normal Aspirations

  Actually, nitrous systems can be relatively easily removed, so your
  resale-value issue is a minor one. Turbo Magazine this month has an
  article on an S4 with a nitrous kit, I think it ran 13.xx sec 1/4 miles @
  ~ 100 MPH. Not bad for a 4000 Lb 4-door sedan! Turbo-supercharging Vs
  mechanical-supercharging are pretty much the same as far as changes to
  the engine mechanical compression ratio are concerned. The reason that
  you see a lot of mech-charger kits that do not "need internal mods" is
  because they are running low boost levels that are safe with the stock
  CR. You could do the same thing with a turbo, just run low boost levels.
  Personally, if I were making the decision, I'd sell the 20V and find a
  Turbo 20V and go from there.