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Re: Rofren Pads???

>  OK, that defines CF nicely. Now how about heat rejection? Is there a
>  paramater to indicate the ability of the pad/adhesive/backing-plate
>  system  to reject heat, to insulate the caliper and fluid from the high
>  temp of the friction material/rotor? Are these specs published too?
>  How about applying something like heat-sink compound to the wheel-rotor
>  interface to transfer more heat away from the rotor/pad/caliper system?
>  Anyone try this?
>  -glen

Heat rejection is more of a rotor thing.... Except that a harder pad will 
run cooler and cool faster than a softer pad. (Higher cf vs. lower cf)  
As for insulating the backing plate of the CC's have a ceramic heat 
barrier molded into the pad where it bonds to the backing plate.  Unless 
your really Insane with the brakes you can't boil the fluid in a car with 
CC's, can't say the same for MM's though, BTDT........  As for the 
heatsink compound, not a good idea, you've got some REAL hard to get to 
wheel bearings there that I really don't want to get to hot.  Try getting 
more air to the rotors if you want more cooling effiency. NJTH


Eric Fletcher

STEADI RIC@aol.com