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Re: 5KCS: Tried R/R Blower motor brushes in situ?

Apologies to the q-list for the bandwidth usage ... my direct reply bounced ...

<avlna2!!cordeiro@avlna.com> writes:
> I guess it makes sense to replace the motor once and for all, new bearings,
> brushes, the overall work is probably the same if you already have the motor..
> like me ???
..... I suppose.  I don't have any signs that anything other than that one 
brush is bad though.  If it is possible to access the brush without dis-
assembling the climate control box it seems to me it would be a BIG time 
saver.  I agree that if you're going to take the thing apart the best 
thing to do is to replace the entire motor.

Thanks for the input ... and if you do pull out the old motor I'd appre-
ciate hearing an evaluation of the brushes (and bearings too).

San Jose, CA (USA)