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Re: Temp Sending Unit Busted -- Problem?

Hairy green toads from Mars made achopde@avid.com say:

> The water temp gauge on my '90 model 100 works only intermittently,
> and the mechanic tells me that I probably need a new sending unit.
> I'm told that costs over $100, so wanted to find out:
> 1) If I don't replace that sending unit, will it "harm" the car?
> Right now, the worst thing that happens is that when it goes on the blink,
> it refuses to heat my car ...
> 2) Is it easy to replace myself? Is there a cheaper source somewhere
> (mail-order or near Boston)?

You need to see if you really do need the sending unit. Usually you do.
You can get them mail-order from most of the vendors on our list.
Carlsen Audi or Halsey Imports seem to be the best.

I'm about to replace one on my '90 90Q20V, and soon my '89 100Q will
need one, too. It doesn't really "harm" the car, but it makes it
run like it's cold; a little rich on fuel, not at full ignition
timing, etc. You should replace it.


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