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Re: Newbee questions....


>Hi all,
>I'm new to the list and had a couple of questions.
>1)  Want to add gauges to my 83 QTC, and wondered if that is in the FAQ.
> Specifically a temperature gauge, can I just tap off the existing temp

That's how the water temp gauge was added to my car.  After putting up for
years with requiring a bypass to avoid a 4000 rpm cutoff, I discovered that
the temp sender tap was the problem.  I disconnected the gauge from the
sender, and it pulls better with no 4000 rpm problem.

I plan to use a tee (I know, I know - don't use tees with temp senders) on
the back of the engine where you will find 2 other water temp senders.  One
is a thermotime switch; the other is the dual low temp/high temp switch.

If you can, use the abt panel which will accept 3 additional gauges.  If
not, there are several ways to add gauges to the diff lock switch panel.
>2)  Anyone know the towing capacity of a V8 Q.  I know a guy towing a Miata
>on a trailer behind a 200TQ.  I'm thinking about doing the same, but with a
>V8.   ---JCG

Richard Funnell, OES
tel. (408) 992-2265
fax. (408) 746-7633