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Re: TQS spedometers?


for what its worth the digital speedo on the 86 coupe gt initializes each 
time the engine is started at 288.  the higher number takes care of the 
situation when it is set to read in kmh as well as mph, but if my college 
physics courses are correct that means it tops out around 170mph.

On Wed, 1 Nov 1995 ptimmerm@mashtun.jpl.nasa.gov wrote:

>   Why is the TQC speedo an issue? Do the 81-84 US-spec Ur-Qs have 85 MPH
>   units? What do the Canada and Euro-spec models use? You might be able to
>   replace the stock unit with a 85-87 4000Q speedo, I think they are marked
>   to 120 MPH.....
>   -glen
> I can't speak for all years but my "82 and all the "83's I've seen
> have had that nasty 85 mph speedo.  My 84 coupe has a 120, but I was
> holding out for the big 160 model.
> paul t-