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Where oh where....

   >Where is the Idle stabilizer? Alternatively, did all the fuel injected 
   >have this device installed?

   I too am curious, but for a 83 TQC.  I _think_ I know were it is, but the 
   service supplement seem to cover this.

No such animal on the UrQs. They have an "auxiliary air regulator" which is
strictly mechanical -- opens cold and closes as it warms up. It is elec-
trically heated, independent of the engine temperature, much as the control
fuel pressure regulator (that wart on the plug-side of the block with all
the vacuum, fuel, and electrical wires running in'n'out of it.

Engine idle is set by the idle air bypass screw, the computer has nothing
to say about the matter. Should idle drop "way low", then the computer can
start screwing around with the ignition timing advance, exerting some modi-
cum of control over the idle, but not a hell of a lot.

   Also, what controls the stabilizer and the cold start fuel injector on this 
   car?  If it's the computer, which connector number.   THANKS!   ---JCG

The cold start injector is again controlled by outboard mechanical con-
trols -- the ECU has no control over the injector. There is a thermoswitch
mounted on the block which disables the cold-start injector, which is sim-
ply feed off of the "Start" key switch position. There is a "hot start
pulse relay" buried inside the dash that defeats (overrides) the block-
mounted thermoswitch to "pulse" the cold start injector on a hot engine.
You should be able to hear it valiantly clicking away about every three
seconds as you vainly try to start your hot engine when it's in one of
its "moods".