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> .....The point being that antifreeze is dangerous, and Sierra is just as
> dangerous as PG, no one is should be less careful with this stuff around
> pets/kids......  The dog pound still full means that with all the antifreeze
> puddles of the 60's, the dog pounds didn't see less business cuz of
> "antifreeze" attrition.......  Another "green" marketing scam that insults
> the intelligence of the buying public.....  How bout a performance comparo,
> antifreeze should market delta-t's not "safety", cuz safe it's not....
> Scott

Right.  I was watching our local news this AM and a vet came on and 
showed the specific amounts of  EG-based antifreezes which 
would be fatal to pets.  The EG only required about 1/2 a 
shot glass of antifreeze for lights out!  For a 20-pound dog, the 
lethal amount was roughly twice, maybe three times that.  
Her comment was that the PG type required perhaps twice the 
consumption by volume, but was equally lethal.  The amounts appeared 
to be less than a pet could drink in less than 30 seconds, even 
diluted in a 50/50 water mix.  She also commented that due to the 
sweetness of antifreeze, if you put pans of it and water side by 
side, pets would go straight to the antifreeze and drink it in 

Moral - just drain the stuff into jugs and store it until you can 
drop it off at a collection point.  We all know we should do this,