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Re: What brand is the Gamma radio/cassette in the 92' 100 V6?

As far as recomedations for a cd changer, go Alpine all the way.  They 
are the best sounding (IMHO), most reliable, most compact, most bang for 
the buck machines on the market.  Also they are the only ones equiped 
with a coax digital output.  Cool.  
If you use an rf modulator, I strongly recomend using it only until you 
can upgrade to an after market head unit.  Rf modulators from any 
manufacturer seriously compromise the sonic performance of the cd player, 
especially when used with a stock radio.  The sound quality is determined 
by the performance of the tuner, and stock radios generally arent champs 
in this department.  You'd be doing yourself a big favor down the road by 
upgrading to an aftermarket head and connecting the changer directly to 
the head through the aux inputs.  If the head you has cd changer 
controls (you'll have to buy the same brand as the changer to get this) 
it should also have provisions for directly connecting the changer.
Good luck!