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re: tqc torsen and "tank slappers"

hi all,

in response to the responses to my note about torsens and the pre-88 tqc, my
investigations revealed that i required a new transmission casing, as well as
the diff obviously.  however i didn't actually scope it myself, and i tend to
distrust "over the counter" technical advice.

i located a 91 tqc (20v, torsen), but it was too hard to tell without puting
the thing up on a hoist. and then the s2 came along and i decided it was a
better option. my friends doubt the wisdom, but i don't - least ways, not often

the tqc tank slapper occurs in the wet or dry :-|

you are punting hard through a corner, the inside front wheel loses traction (i
said punting *hard*), the front axle dutifully transferrs motive force though
to the free wheel. result = no drive to the front. now the centre diff sees
this happening and thinks, well, what am i doing putting power though the front
drive shaft when i could be putting it *all* through the front. result, the
(open) diff transfers all power to the fron shaft with no power going to the
rear output shaft and so a complete loss of power.

well, now you see you're travelling through this corner right? so a *compete*
loss of power causes sudden massive understeer, and the car starts to want to
go straight ahead *big* time.  however, as a consequence of the loss of power,
the left inside front wheel drops to the ground again and *bang*, all
operations are restored.  however, you've dialled in some lock to try and get
the steering back and sooooooo, you have another moment.

i hope you get the picture.

the torsen solves this problem (as does locking the centre diff).