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Coolant for 5kTQ???

      Hey fellow Q heads,

          I've heard a lot of discussion about coolant on the net recently, but
basically just about whether pets should drink it and that such (from what I've
derived, it is not good for any animals including humans).  OK, now that that's
settled, I was wondering what type of coolant y'all would recommend for an Audi
5000CS turbo quattro.

          I am probably going to flush out the radiator this weekend, and repla
ce the lower radiator hose, so I need to get some new coolant.  I was thinking
of getting the Autobahn OEM coolant from the dealer, but then I thought that
maybee y'all would know of a better product that would also be cheaper.

          As far as I know, tho coolant just has to be Phosphate Free, right?
I heard some people reccomend Sierra.  What about Zerex?  How good are these pr
oducts....as compared to the Autobahn coolant?  I do not live in an area that
has harsh winters....but, it get's very hot here during the summer.

          Any advice is appreciated.  TIA.