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Re: using "fault memory" for trouble shooting

At 12:55 AM 11/3/95, STEADIRIC@aol.com wrote:
>>The "check" light in my '88 90 comes on occasionally.  When I've tried to
>>test the systems, all I get out of the computer is 4-4-4-4 (no fault).  This
>>occurs, however, only after a couple of fuse insertions/reinsertions into
>>the fuel pump relay; have I not finished the systems check??  If so how many
>>times do I have to plug the fuse into the relay to test all of the systems??
>What grade gas have you been running? The knock sensor might not like
>what it's hearing, or you might have a coolant or electric problem.
>>Any thoughts will be appreciated
>Also for those that are Bentley challenged Here are the brain codes for
>the 5KCSTQ's.

I too am having the "intermittent" check engine light, and get 4444 when
dumping the codes.

I was baffled until I read, in the fine print of the "Tuning Bosch
Injection" manual, that some codes are stored until cleared, while others
are dumped as soon as the fault is cleared.

The knock sensor is one of those stored codes.  However, if experiencing an
intermittent fault which is not one of the stored codes, when the light
goes off the code is gone.

I haven't had any performance problems (that I can tell), so I'm waiting
for the light to go on solid before it worry about it any more.


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