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Re: Thamks & 1 More Problem

>I faxed some stereo install info I had on Audi to Bruce Bell and he was
>going to scan it and post it to the archives.  My way of saying thanks for
>the welcome and all the help.  Right now I'm designing a killer system for
>my Quattro.

Rich faxed the the info for the 4000, 5000 (and 5kTQ) and 89/90 series cars.
I have converted these into GIF formats. Each car requires 2 pages at about
100K/page. Big but there is some detail lettering that would be lost if I
resized them. I'm not a graphics guru anyway.  I sent an email to Dan as to
how to proceed to put these on the archives and am waiting a response from
him. I any of you want them, (Bob D'Amato?) they will be in my anonymouse
ftp area later this evening "ftp.csn.net/bbell-assoc". I will remove these
late next week when I return from NY. (Any of you going to be in midtown
next week?)

BTW these are Copyrighted by Sosche, Ind. but Rich says it's OK if for
"non-commercial". Is that right Rich? I'm a software developer and the last
thing I want is to be in trouble with the Copyright Police. 

Bruce Bell