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Re: Stereo Upgrades

>>Even if you do get the speakers out, the opening is 
only big enough for 4" speakers.  I assume the tube sub you got does not 
have a high pass crossover, in which case those little 4 inchers would 
still be trying to fire out a full range signal.  I recomend simply 
disconnecting the stock speakers and installing high quality coaxes 
(pioneers are gooduns) or a component set (separate tweeters and woofers) 
in the doors.  It'll take some cutting, but its worth it.  I disconnected 
the 3" full ranges in my jetta and put and a/d/s component set in the 
doors with excellent results.<<

Another option:  With a component set (like the ADS 320/325i) you can use the
small speaker area in the dash for the tweeter.  Of course you do get the
highs reflected off the windshield giving you a bit more treble, but it's one
less hole in your door.  Mine was done professionally, they manufactured a
hard plastic with vinyl covering that is the shape of the old grill with the
tweeter inset.  Very clean, sounds phenomenal. (ADS 300i in the back)