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Re: Pressure cooker

In a message dated 95-11-03 13:46:34 EST, you write:

>The stock injector may be capable of alot of HP, but the stock
>fuel regulator starts to lean out at about 275 hp. (per ned) The later
>model fuel regulators are capable of more, but not 500 hp.
He's right glen, the early q's go lean as you appoach 300hp.......  The 5ktq
can go about 320 or so (I'm running lean BTW) with the stock system on full
rich......  I'm not convinced that ned has played with all the available
parameters in the fuel dist and injectors, he's more inclined to get you into
a euro-box.....  Which is the way to go, but the bux are high......  I have
memorized the fuel system on the CIS cars, and can tell you that control
pressure, and the lambda circuit are the first two places to get more

>I don't know much about the callaway system, but in general add-ons
>give uneven fuel enrichment.  The use of the cold start injector is
>popular but problematic.  You don't want different fuel ratios in
>different cylinders.
>I thought the rising rate fuel regulator was the way to go, and Probst
>is my source for that info.  Ned didn't think so.  The mechanical fuel
>injectors rate of delivery if proportional to pressure, and having
>higher pressure gives higer flow.  Ned's point was that the control
>are for the air mass sensor was fully deployed at about 275 hp, and
>above that no more fuel was coming out, thus leaning out.  We know
>what happens then (reference two blown Q's at Brainerd). With higher
>pressure, the leaning out would be forstalled.  Since the pressure
>increases with boost, it acts in addition to the air mass sensor.
>The best of both worlds is probably both the bigger fuel regulator AND
>the boost sensative / rising rate fuel pressure regulator. maybe :-}
You can use FPR for control pressure too........
>paul timmerman
Good post.....