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Postcards from the edge...

      I got a postcard from former listmember and quattro owner, Andrew Shea la
st week.  He is living in Merida, Mexico for a semester.  He will be back somet
ime in January.  He said he is doing fine, but he has not driven his quattro in
over two months.  I think we can all simpathise with that!  Anyways, he wanted
me to write to the list and tell y'all he said "Hi".  So, there, I said it!

       He is enjoying it down there, but is sorta quattrosick (like homesick, b
ut misses his quattro).  He is living in Merida, which is on the Yukitan Penins
ula, just above Cancun.  As much as he likes it there, he is looking forward to
coming back to the US.  When he returns, he will resume membership on the quatt
ro net.  Meanwhile, I have been keeping him updated with interesting discussion
s on the list!