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Re: Stereo Upgrades

On Fri, 3 Nov 1995 Bubmeister@aol.com wrote:

> Another option:  With a component set (like the ADS 320/325i) you can use the
> small speaker area in the dash for the tweeter.  Of course you do get the
> highs reflected off the windshield giving you a bit more treble, but it's one
> less hole in your door.  Mine was done professionally, they manufactured a
> hard plastic with vinyl covering that is the shape of the old grill with the
> tweeter inset.  Very clean, sounds phenomenal. (ADS 300i in the back)
Actually, the 320i/s tweeter needs a little boost.  Even with the tweeter 
level control all the way up, the lower treble is a little recessed in my 
system, which includes a Kenwood cd player (the treble definately 
shouldn't sound recessed with this thing).  This is with door mounted tweeters
firing diagonally toward the opposite seat.  If you do mount the tweeters 
in the dash, you still have to remove the stock speakers, which is a real 
pain in the Audis.  At least in the jetta, all you have to do is remove 
on screw and the grill slides right off.  If there's one thing that VW 
did better than Audi, it was making their cars so easy to take apart 8^).