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Replacing Da Bomb

> From: esw5@cornell.edu (Ernest Wong)
> Date: Sat, 4 Nov 1995 13:49:47 -0500
> Subject: 'bomb' and thermoswitch Q (5000)
> I'm thinking about attacking the 'bomb' replacement in my 87 5000S. Could
> anyone whose done it advise of any wierd things to look out for.

Nothing, really.  Email me directly and I'll send a set of 
instructions another kind list member sent to me...

> As in disconnecting the hoses to the 'bomb'. Are they pressurized so that
> the person lying under the car will be liberally lubed with Pentosin when
> loosening the hoses.

Release the poressure first by pressing lotsa times on the brake 
pedal.  Have new pentosin ready, though, as plenty will leak out.  
This isn't all bad as you get to put fresh fluid in.  (HINT: Having a 
plug ready for the hose coming out of the reservoir will limit the

> What are the sizes of the Hose connectors? I need to know when I go to
> liberate more of Sear's tool dept. stock. (Metric Hose wrenches)

Don't recall offhand.  Suggest you buy a set of three metric tubing 
wrenches - each has two different sizes, one on each end.  They cover 
most situations.  If you GOTTA know, slide under there.  I just feeli 
like a set of tubing wrenches is worth having for when emergencies 
arise.  I even keep both SEA and metric, because sometimes the SAE's 
will bail you out  - some sizes are interchangeable.

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