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locked brakes

Here's the latest episode in the Coupe Horror Story:
As I exited the freeway today and stepped on the brakes all the wheels locked
and I skidded to a complete stop.  After that the brakes would not release
and I could not move the car until I tried reversing for about a foot.  Then
I could go forward but if I touched the brakes--even lightly-- the wheels
lock.  What's up with that?  I just had the brakes serviced on Saturday and
of course this episode happened 35 miles away from the shop where the work
was done.  On the brighter side,  the Coupe is sitting about a half mile from
an Audi repair shop.  I just don't know how to get it there.

Jesse Almero, Jr
Torrance,  CA
'86 Coupe GT that's stuck in its tracks

P.S.-- If anyone on the list was driving a black '93+ 100 sedan tonight on
the northbound 110 Harbor Freeway in Los Angeles at about 7:30pm--You pissed
me off when you swerved into my lane and almost hit me!  But I forgive you
because you have such good taste to choose an AUDI.