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4000 front speakers

To answer my own question, it is possible to remove the front speakers
from the grilles on a 4000 (84 at least) by melting the tabs that
hold the speaker in place with a soldering iron, then separating
the speaker with a small screwdriver.  This does not buy you much
however, since the only thing that will fit in there is a 3.5"
speaker, and now you have to find a way to attach the speaker to
the dash, because the holes in the grille will need to be used for
the screws that hold the grille in place.  Depending on the speaker,
you might be able to hold both together, not sure.

I will probably just go with a 5.25" in the door for now, and perhaps
later go the component route with the woofer in the door and the
tweeter/mid in the dash.

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