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Audi Books, Manual vs. Auto, Jobs

Are there any good history books covering late model Audi cars?
I have the Gold Book series on Quattroa, but I'd really like to
read more about EVERYTHING they made from the 5000-series on up.
Classic Motorbooks doesn't list much.  Other sources, anyone?  And
do I need to relearn German to read them?

A question from a Newbie:  Ok, Ok, what is a uR?  I've figured out
most of those silly abreviations, but not that one.

RE:  New A4/A6.  My readings say the new NON-TURBO motor will only 
make 192 HP.  Argh!  Too little, too late.  I can't figure what Audi
is thinking about, when run of the mill Chryslers and Chevys are 
offering 200+HP.  Then I read that only automatics will be offered
for non-turbo cars.  ARGH AGAIN!  (Glad I bought my 5-speed A6.)
Audi seems to be sending the message that they don't want any
middle-class sports-minded customers.  (BMW doesn't seem to mind those
customers one bit!)  I couldn't swing the $45,000 they wanted for a S6,
let alone the wagon.

RE:  Manual vs. Automatic.  I tested an A6 with an auto-box.  Yuck.
S-L-O-W.  'nuff said.

PERSONAL:  I'm new to the Washington-DC area and looking for a job.
I'm an EE, 20 years experience, Ph.D., a few patents and publications,
a couple of industry awards.  Done everything from RF to Windows
programming, but I'm a gem at real-time designs.  Any quattro-heads 
out there have leads on companies and/or jobs?  We could spend lunch-hours
hot-lapping the parking lot.

Carl Dreher