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Re: Making a 5KTQ from a 5KS

In a message dated 95-11-06 10:44:51 EST, you write:

>I found a turbo 5000S in the bone yard this weekend, they said they'd sell
>the complete 'stuff' for making a turbo for my na 5KQ. for $375 -
>manifolds, fd, harnesses, cpu ,etc.
>What exactly do I need to do it?
>its a 88 5KS Turbo - I have an 87 5KS Quattro
>is it worth it?
>what pitfalls will I encounter ?
>BTW this jy sells longblocks for $99 (you have to yank it.)
>- but if you think about it - thats cheaper than you can get a used head
>i also get door handles for $5 - seats for $20-40 - etc. its a party.

That project would tie Glen's KUQFH project, without many smiles.....  Sell
your car, buy a 5ktq, the headaches are fewer.......  375 bucks is cheap, but
if your time is worth anything, your are better off trading up..........