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Re: Nagging tick

At 7:58 AM 11/6/95, '*Tess*' Teresa A McMillan wrote:
>I have been hearing a loud click from my girlfriend's '88  80 Q 5cyl
>engine.  It sounds like a valve.  I'm not too familiar with Audis however
>quite familiar with cars in general.

Tough to say....it's oft the subject of debate.

>Here are some specific questions that I (and she) would appreciate any help
>Does this car have hydraulic lifters?


>What is the general configuration of the valve train?

Single overhead-cam, 2 valves/cylinder (on 10V motors).

>Are the valves in a single line or are they alternated to achieve a
>hemispherical combustion chamber?

Straight line if I remember correctly.  More elegant arrangement on the 20Vs.

>If in a single line are they under the cam shaft, or do they use a rocker arm

No...the cam lobes depress the lifters directly.

>What mechanism is used to adjust the valve, an Italian (Volkswagen?)  shim
>or set-screw/lock-nut like the Japanese and most others?

With these hydraulics, no adjustment is needed or possible....only
replacement if they're worn.

>Does the cam have to come out (like an Alfa), or are any unobtainable tools
>required (like a Fiat)?

Since there's no adjustment...the answer is no.  But to remove the cam in
general, yes, there are some odd tools...but they're easy to make.  See the
archives for timing belt replacment.

>If any one has any tips about valve adjustments if possible, any info would be
>appreciated.  By my girlfriend's recollection, the last time she
>experienced this kind of sound and drove around on it, the camshaft had
>to be pulled and re-tooled to repair cracks and other damage.  So she's
>eager to get something done on it before there is any permanent scar to
>the engine.

As a recent post pointed out, it could be worn lifters, noisy vacuum pump,
or leaking exhaust manifold.

The cheapest is the vacuum pump...many just disconnect it.

Lifters or manifold are pretty much the same monster.  However, it is much
easier to diagnose a leaking manifold.

Again, see the archives:



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