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Re: New Car Care

On Nov 6,  5:16pm, Joel Cohen wrote:
> Subject: New Car Care
> Greetings All:
> This might sound like a naive question but here goes...... I am about to
> take delivery of a brand new Audi A4 Quattro (my first Audi and my first new
> car in 10 years) and I am curious as to what is the best way of protecting
> the damn thing from rusting.  Specifically:

Audis come with a 10 year warranty against perforation of the body shell
through rusting (at least my '94 80  did), since all the panels are fully
galvenized. However, if you have an accident, the car has to be repaired by an
authorised (by Audi) repair shop, otherwise the warranty is void (in Australia

I have had no problems waxing my car using a product called "Diamond Hard" wax,
which is the sought of thing the user manual says to use.

I too have only recently subscribed here, however I believe there was a thread
a couple of weeks ago concerning the best ways to protect the paint etc.

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