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Re: Water temp saga continues... Sort off ;-

   >There is a trivial solution...get the water outlet fitting from a later-
   Good stuff guys :-). With a temp gauge solution immanent, I now am curious 
   of the reason I wanted one in the first place.  The car overheated on me on 
   a track day I did a while back only after about 10 min of hard driving.  No 
   idication other than it started running funny, and I slowed down and crawled 
   into the pits only to realize the fan was not running.  Turns out I melted 
   the temp switch in both the med and hot sensors, and therefore NO FAN!   I 
   turned it off, and best I can tell I didn't break anything.  Any ideas why 
   it would heat up so high?   ---JCG

Clearly you haven't been making enough $acrifices to the Audi Gods . . .

By-the-by, dunno if this would work for your car, on mine, turning the
A/C on forces the radiator fan into hurricane mode -- whether or not the
compressor is currently engaged (i.e., A/C on minimal will force rad fan
on high full time, and compressor on maybe 10% duty cycle ==> mucho
cooling for the radiator).