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Re: Front brakes dragginh

On Mon, 6 Nov 1995, Kevin Baluha wrote:

> when they start to drag open the bleeder on the front. if it fixes it your 
> mc is bad. if it doesn't bruno needs to fix a caliper.
If the MC is bad, the drag should happen in the diagonal wheels, ie, front
right and rear left or front left and rear right, isn't?  But in my car, the
drag is only in the front wheels, not the rear wheels.

I just went to Bruno's yesterday and his mechanics checked my car and said
the little drag is ok.  He said the brake pads is supposed to touch a little
bit to the rotor all the time.  I pointed out that there are some squeeky 
noise in the front wheels when driving, and he said that is normal.  Is 
that true?  I guess because the pads are new, so it touches the rotor.  When
the pads worn a little, the noise will go.  How do you think?
Thanks for help.

Minven - perplexed by Audi

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> > Hi!  I got my front brake pads changed last month at the Bruno's
> > Quattro Center.  But I felt the car is a little dragging, so last
> > week, I lefted the car.  When I set the shift to neutral, both
> > front wheels are a little dragging, seems the front brakes are always
> > on.  The rear wheels are OK, moving freely.  So it could be a faulty
> > master cylinder.  Calipers?  Bruno just installed a front right-side 
> > caliper (used parts from Bruno) when I changed the
> > pads.  Any suggestion on cause of the problem?  I always trusted
> > Bruno's mechanics and thought them should do a competent job.
> > Thanks.
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> > Minven
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