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Window switch relay question...

This is kind of a strange, picky sort of question but here goes.  Ever
since I have had my '88 5kCST, my window switches and sunroof switch would
stay lit when I turned the car off.  They would stay on until I opened the
door, and then I would hear a little "click" from somewhere in the dash and
off they would go.

Now the switches stay lit when I open the door and get out, sometimes
turning off when I lock the door from the outside with the key.  Sometimes
they stay on even after I lock the door, and remain on for a minute or so.

What I am wondering is -- which is the correct behavior?  I am assuming
they should turn off when I lock the doors, am I correct?  If it is in fact
a relay, is it expensive to replace or fix?

I just don't want to run down the battery from those switches staying on
for a long period of time.  TIA...


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