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ABT stuff for A4...

 hey there.....
 I am a new list member and a new A4 owner....things are peachy with my new
ride for the most part, however (isnt there always a "however"???) I would
like to firm up the ride quite a bit, the car feels very squishy to me and
understeers to much for my tastes. I have found a spring and shock kit from
ABT and would like to hear any opinions you Audi Pros might have on these
goodies. The whole kit runs $1400 bucks, which is kinda steep, the springs
alone are $300. Should i get the whole wad or skimp and just get the
springs??? whats up?? what do i do?? somebody let me know. 
  i am also intersted in engine upgrades such as exhaust and intake
stuff.....is this worth messing with or should i go against human nature and
not fiddle with it??
    thanks alot
        take it easy