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Re: S6 Wagon Deal of the Century

Mailing problems...if this appears more than once, I apologise

     If they are offering $44 to the whole world, you
     should be able to get at least another $1K off
     for taking the time to come in and talk to them.

     Maybe someone has it in the archives, but I think the
     invoice was like $42300...worth double checking  if
     you are seriously going to invest that kind of money.

     Call the other dealers with S6 wagons in stock listed here
     recently, and see  what they will do. Start them off by saying'your
     local guy has one for $44K, and see what they say.
     Even if you really want to stick with your local dealer for service
     and followup, having the best prices of a couple other dealers
     in hand will help your negotiations.

     Tom F.

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Subject: S6 Wagon Deal of the Century
Date:    11/8/95 9:41 AM

Well, it's time to look at new "family" cars and since the car (van) of
choice is the Chrysler T&C AWD LXi which they ain't makin' yet I took
a look at the green S6 wagon that's been sitting at the dealer for a
month now.

Sticker is right around $48K and there's a big "sale" sign on it with
$44K as the price. I know someone posted the dealer prices for these a
few weeks ago.. did anyone save it? I also think someone bought one
recently and was trying to remove the roof rails - what "deal" did you get?

The slime-o-rama dealer swapped the 225/55VR-15 tires for 215/60VR-15
Goodyear Eagles that obviously look too skinny for the wheels. Maybe I
could pop the bead in my test drive? :-) Other than that, the car has
been outside for the last month. It looks really great.

Now all I have to do is convince my wife that we have the extra $14K
to spend and she really did want to upgrade our '86 5Ks wagon after
all to another Audi. Any ideas?

Bob Kunz