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RE: V8 Headlight Removal

>The headlights on my 90 V8 have a misty coating on the inside of the glass.
>They have removable lenses so its an easy job to clean once removed. The
>question is can you get them out without removing most of the front of the
>I sure hope so, please tell me there a trick to getting at the mounts &
>it'll only take 5 minutes not 5hrs!
>BTW Replacment CV joint from AudiOnly has the car back on the road &
>running smooth as silk- Thanks Peter
>John Firkins
>Dim-eyed V8
>Bright eyed Ur-Q 82
>Blinded Ur-Q 85, anyone got any spare Eurolights?

Name: Paul Rivera
E-mail: rivera@rivera.com (Paul Rivera)
Date: 11/08/95
Time: 09:47:24

Headlight removal requires the removal of the Front Bumper Cap assembly.
I went through this whole process when I replaced my US Lights with European
First take off the bottom body pan. 2. Disconnect Turn Signals and Parking Lamps
3. Remove the 4 nuts on each side that hold the Bumper Shock Absorber Assembly in 
place. 4. Slide Bumper Cap off. 5. Remove the bolts that hold the Headlight Frame 
Assembly. 6. Remove screws that hold the Chrome Trim Piece and Wiper Assembly,
 and careful on the headlight wipers. Voila, Headlights comeoff.
If you find a shortcut, please let me know.
Paul Rivera