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Re: Straight Water for Coolant

Hi guys,
my two cents on cooling (though it has been some time since my last
chemistry course ...)

>I'm fairly certain that the second statement is incorrect, the boiling point
>IS elevated by dissolving anything in water - I think its one of those

I believe that adding salt to water lowers it boiling temperature. So it must
be matter of what you add ...

>The first point though may be entirely correct, and is a seperate issue.  How
>efficient a fluid is at conducting heat away from one area to another is a
>function of properties quite independent of its boiling point: its specific
Specific heat must be high, as well as conductivity,
but I believe that a less viscous fluid would make a better heat dissipator
since it would flow faster. Am I right ?

>is less viscous....).  The modern pressurized cooling systems (I guess) would
>prevent water from boiling until a higher temperature is reached.
Isn't this the basis for pressure cookers ?
You raise the pressure so that water boils in lower temp ?

I guess it's just discussion for the discussion ... Time to go home ...