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Re: Anyone else notice MPG's changing ???

>Well, I'm  guessing  that  the  gas  companies  have  started  mixing winter
>blends.   (for  those living in colder climate areas) My last two tanks show
>that  mileage  has  dropped  from a consistant 26+ MPG to a 23+ MPG.  Anyone
>else  ?  Not too bad.  In past years my previous rides have suffered quite a
>								Tom.
>86 4KCSQ

Right you are.  Exact dates vary from area to area, but Nov 1 to Feb 28 (29)
is common for the "oxygenated" fuels.  I see about a 15-20% drop in mileage
with my '91 200q.

You use the term "winter blends."  In years past, winter blends meant
something different--specifically different volatility/vapor point and
slightly lower octane level, especially in the nortnern climes (this is
probably still true today).  folks more informed than I can probably expand
on this.  I don't know how much this would affect mileage.

I am somewhat suprised that you see that much drop with your '86 4kcsq--your
car doesn' have the engine management systems that respond to fuel
differences. I never noticed this much change when I had my '87 4kcsq (2.2L
115bhp motor)