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Re: I am a cheese!!

I was hoping you'd be reading these posts!  I really am jealous, no lie.  
The car looks EXTREMELY nice (the five spoke wheels help tremendously, as 
well as the nice tint job).  My lowly Quantum pales greatly by 
comparison.  I appologize for the "cheese" comment (I wanted the whole 
list to know of my appology, and the quality of this machine).  I was 
just disappointed that you said you got off the list - I thought you 
didn't fully appreciate what folks like me are missing out on.  I didn't 
know the car was a Turbo - makes me even more jealous.  I thought all the 
5kcstq's had the word "Turbo" on the trunk lid.  

If you'd ever like an extra set of hands to do some of your crazy 
maintenance, I've got a nice set of tools.

Jeremy R. King
1986 VW Quantum GL5
Audi at Heart

On Thu, 9 Nov 1995, Brett N Augsburger wrote:

>   Jeremy R King commented in a message about a very nice 87ish 5000CSTQ 
> he had seen around campus (thankyou!). He then proceeded to call the 
> owner a cheese and said that the car should be confiscated. I am that owner.
>   First off, the reason the car looks so good is because I maintain 
> it like crazy. I doubt that Mr. King could do a better job in maintaining 
> it. I appreciate the quality of the engineering and construction of 
> the vehicle just as much, if not more, then anyone on this list. 
>   A little about the car. It is an 86 5000 CSTQ silverish grey with grey 
> interior. It has 140,000 miles on it, and everything works (it did not 
> when I first bought it).
>   I realize Mr. King was just jealous but he should be careful how he 
> judges people.