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Re: is 8 normal ?

> 	Hi
> 		Manufacture figure for 0-62 mpgh of my car (S4 automatic)
> 	is 8.3 sesconds ..far behind the manual's 6.8
> 		With the new chips I clocked it my self and the result 
> 	is around 8 seconds..I think with high performance chips . It
> 	should one it in around 7 sec.
> 		Do yo think 8 is normal for 270 hp. ?   Why it isn't
> 	much faster than stock.
> 					thanks

Has S4 ever released with auto trans? -- I sure didn't notice that, or am 
I just out of touch with recent Audis? Although the 8.3 seconds is 
somewhat little bit slower than one which has auto instead of manual 

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