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Re: Used Parts

On Fri, 10 Nov 1995, Gary Ashkin wrote:

> I love my "88" Quatro 90.  Its just about to turn 100K and 
> is still going strong(with a few minor exceptions).  My 
> question relates to to buying used parts.  I can get a used 
> starter for $75.00 and a used fuel pump for $85.00 from a 
> "88" Q90. Both come with a 90 day guarantee. It seems to be 
> a good deal but is it?
> By the way if any one is having problems with backup lights 
> and air conditioning at the same time write, I may have a 
> fix.
Gary, I know these prices may seem great now and the whole 90 day 
guarantee thing, WOW what a deal! DO NOT buy into it! What happens IF the 
part does fail? I know exactly what happens: You end up pulling the part 
back off unless you are paying a shop to do it! Then if you are paying a 
shop, you end up paying the labor twice (4 times if you have them put on 
another so-called gauranteed part) and I promise you that the shop isn't 
going to absorb the labor on a junkyard part. I know that new stuff is 
more expensive, but sometimes it can be worth it. Now I say, "sometimes" 
because I had one incident where I put a "junkyard" starter on a friends 
86' 4KCSQ and it's still going strong 60k miles later. Who know it can be 
a hit or miss thing! I would STRONGLY recommend that you don't buy an 
used fuel pump though. It is much to important to be "guessing" on!!! 

Good luck, Ben
83' TQC
87' 4KCSQ