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RE: Need help please - 88 Audi 90 computer/harness replacement

You did not say what the symptoms are...  I caution about focusing on the
computer brain/harness too early.  It may be simply a case of a vacuum
leak or plugged injector.  I believe CIS fuel injection is  designed to 
without the help of the computer (limp home mode).  Bosch fuel injection 
has a good description of that.  You may want to see if the car runs in this 

mode and if not your problem may be else where....

Good luck,

>To: quattro
>Subject: Need help please - 88 Audi 90 computer/harness replacement
>Date: Saturday, November 11, 1995 6:40PM
>Hello all. Within the vast resource of experience that I know is
>out in Audi cyber land, I'm wondering if anyone has ever fixed a computer
>related problem and can help me with my particular headache...
>As mentioned above, I have an 88 90, 4 cylinder. A couple of months
>ago, it began behaving, and the problem being electical in nature, I
>took it to a non-dealership Audi garage. They fussed with the car for
>a couple of days, experimenting with the idle stabilizer, then
>zeroing in on the computer and the harness.
>Years ago, before I owned it, the car had a small fire in the
>area of the battery. The car had run just super the first
>year and a half that I had it before mysterious idle fluctuations
>and occasionally the engine dying.
>Well, I'm commited to wrestle with the problem and beat it.
>Looking at the harness on the passenger side of the car, I see that
>it has alot of electrical tape covering what I suspect are singed
>harness wires. Yesterday I called Shokan Parts and bought a partial
>harness thinking that, by process of elimination, if the problem is
>computer related, its probably a result of harness damage. Its a
>cheaper solution than buying a new brain right now, and I'd probably
>want to have changed the harness anyway if putting in a new computer.
>Question. Any pointers that anyone can give me? I know that the
>computer is behind the kick panel on the drivers side underneath
>the glove box. How much of a job, and how tricky will it be
>replacing the part of the harness just going to the right side of the
>Any help would be appreciated! Thanks.
>Scott Maus in Connecticut.