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Re: Normal Aspirations

On  1 Nov 95 at 9:36, GCIRILLO@aol.com wrote:

> and it's a real turn-off for resale.  Supercharging (I hear) requires no
> internal engine changes (unlike turbos).  Of course, it's an engineering
> nightmare in the cozy Audi engine compartment.  Given the low number of Audis
> out there and the cessation of the 5 cyl. program, aftermarket tuners are not
> likely to undertake this sort of project.
> BUT, with the resources of the net, perhaps we could generate a significant
> demand for the right price.  The big questions is, (1) is it do-able at all?
> and (2) what would the unit cost be assuming 25 units?  50 units?  Obviously,
> the more flexible the "kit" is, the more demand there will be (e.g. for the
> 4000/90 and the 5000/100/200, 10V and 20V).

Vortech and Paxton both have a lot of supercharger packages to fit 
under the hoods of late model cars.  It's unlikely, though not 
inconceivable, that they already have a kit for NA 5-cylinder Audis.  
If not, and we could get them to do a run for Quattro list-ers, I 
think we could expect the price to be in the range of 
$1500-$2000/unit.  I like the idea, but I couldn't afford it.

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