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> From: "Christopher G. Gharibo, M.D." <gharic01@mchip00.med.nyu.edu>
>  I have a pearl white '91 Audi Coupe Quattro that I try to maintain in =
> tip top shape.  I'd like to consult the list participants on several =
> issues:
> 1. The driver's door has a very small dent, about 1 mm deep and 2-3 cm =
> wide, that I'd like to somehow eliminate.  What's the best way to do =
> this? I almost feel like taking out the door panel and just pushing the =
> dent out? Is it really that simple? =20

Here's some good news for you (it was for me with our Pearl 1990 
200...) if you will look around, you should be able to find a 
business with a name like "Dent-Magic".  It should be one of a new 
generation of shops which can **remove dents with no paint or body 
work*!!  Yes, and it's not a gimmick!

These guys go to a special school which teaches them techniques to 
"massage" small dings out of body metal with plastic and metal tools.  
The idea is that they will use plastic punches and smooth-faced metal 
tools to literally stroke the metal back into place.  

I watched a gent take two door dings out of my Pearl Audi in less 
than an hour, and he charged $60 each.  I CANNOT even see where they 
were- and I know where it was!!  There are limitations to what they 
can do - they can't take out creases or eliminate paint damage - but 
your dent sound perfect for them.  They DO need to be able to get at 
both sides of the body panel, but this is possible in most places.

I can testify, folks,  This is the real deal, and it's worth every 
penny they charge!  If you're in doubt, ask them for references and 
talk to past customers.

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