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Re: please make my dad ...

On Mon, 13 Nov 1995, Benjawan Kuecharoenwong wrote:

> 	Hi ,many of you did some heavy mods. to your Audi turboes.
> 		My dad believe that making the 230 hp. car into 310 hp.
> 	will cause some troubles later.
> 		Anyone who do susch major mods. and has the good result
> 	,the car still survive ,please let me know.
> 		emm..and what parts are most affected by additional power.
> 	piston ? head gasket ? or something ? please let me know.
> 		I want 310 hp.,but I don't want to make my dad a headache,
> 	too.
> 		Please make me and dad feel confident to mods. our car.
> 				thanks a lot.
> 				Ben.
Ben, I have made a lot of mods to my 83' TQC and I can only assume that I 
am running in the 300 hp range (I have never had it on a dyno). I have 
only put 3k miles on the car scince a very, very thorough rebuild. So far 
I have experienced no adverse side effects on any internal component. The 
only thing I have experienced scince the modifications were done was a 
hugh smile on my face! I would however strongly suggest that you have a 
second car to drive. I personally would never use the beast as a daily 
driver. I just love it though for a weekend blaster! If you have any 
further questions please let me know, I would be happy to answer anything.

Weekend blaster, Ben (that's my name too)
83' TQC
87' 4KCSQ