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Re: VW + Audi

On Sun, 12 Nov 1995 dieckeaw@plu.edu wrote:

>In fact, I 
> think the VW VR6 is a much better engine than Audi's V6.
> -Adam

the current audi v6 has its strong points but i agree that it is not a
world class powerplant like the vr6.  however, what it really has over the
vr6 is development potential.  being cut from the same cloth as the
evergreen 4 & 5 cylinder engines, imagine what 2 bars of boost would do to

the vr6 has had very troubled development and it does not look promising
as far as attaining subtantial output gains is concerned.  

but since both engines are owned by the same company, they could retain
the lower output vr6 for the smaller cars while using the higher output
future v6 for the bigger ones.

i think that both brands will benefit from a shared platform.  the
american car buying public is far too unsophisticated to care if the
passat and a6 shares the same platform.  they will measure a car's
"goodness" by the number of worthless gadgets it has. look at the
repulsively ugly infiniti (i30?) which is a rebadged maxima, which itself
has a downgraded rear suspension because the buyers don't care or want the
good one of the previous model.  it sells well because it doesn't cost too
much and has a snazzy yuppified brand name.  style over substance is the
name of the game here.  how else can one explain the popularity of leaf
spring and live axle suspended neantherthal trucks? 

it is truly ironic that the most macho of f*** trucks, the hummer, is the
only one of the lot that has respectable modern specification such as full
time 4wd, 4 wheel independent suspension, torsen differentials and coil
springs. the hummer shows that if one wanted to build a modern truck, one
could.. but why should they if they can sell ancient technology for
current prices?  leaf spring suspension has been around since the
horse drawn carriage!

anyway, enough grumbling.  as far as the passat/a6 is concerned, by
cutting down on the number of platforms, vw/audi will lower costs, which
means that they can load up the cars with more crap for the same money. 
that's what it takes to sell cars here.