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Re: Freebee Fun

In a message dated 95-11-13 01:23:22 EST, you write:

>Just thought I would make sure everyone knew about this resource.
>P.S.    The address for Quattro Club U.S.A. is:
>            Quattro Club U.S.A.
>             7700 Quattro Drive
>             Chanhassen, MN 55317
>             Phone: 612-474-8628
>             Please mention my name when joining.

Think if you ckd the archives, this address is easily found......  The
membership drive on the net is close to advertising, me thinks there are more
than QUITE a few folks who are QCUSA members that recieved the same
membership drive you did that resisted the above post.....   Credibility on
this list is worth more than a free membership, don't you think?