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Re: Timing belt Changes

It sounds like I should consider replacing the timing belt in my 93 V6,
which has 60k on it.  What special tools are needed?

-Dave Erickson

> Re two posts on timing belt replacement in #554. My 5KT broke at about 75k
> with no damage but expensive tow. 84 5KS belt slipped with no damage at about
> 80k. Audi dealer here (Seattle) says change the pre93 V8Q at 60k and 93 V8 at
> 90k. I had the dealer change my 90 V8 at 62k (thanks, fellow listmembers, who
> convinced me to have it done by a dealer) and very happy I did. It was more
> than ready. At 87 bucks an exhaust valve plus high probability of other
> damage the price of a new belt and installation  wouldn't pay the tax on a
> double head rebuild. The dealer is confident V8Q belts will go at least 75k,
> but then he gets to rebuild two heads...after watching the V8 belt change I
> would not do it myself without special tools, but the 5k was a pretty routine
> four  hours. After over 500,000 miles in my various Audimobiles I'd change
> the 5K no later than about 75k miles just to be sure, and 90 V8 at 60k just
> to be damned sure. 
> Thanks,
> Les <llampman@whidbey.net>