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Re: AC coolant phaseout

>From:smarinel@neosoft.com (Steve Marinello@Newpark)
>Subject:Re: AC coolant phaseout
>>In a message dated 95-11-10 02:21:36 EST, you write:
>>>  And to deepen your suspicions about DuPont, they are  mighty well
>>>represented on the SAE committee that spurred the Feds to ban automotive use
>>>of refrigerants that don't happen to be HFC-134a.  Could be just another
>>>coincidence, I suppose.
>>.....  and guess who's patent runs out on R-12 this year, and who has a new
>>patent on 134a well into yrs 2000......  Hmmmm, something smells funny
>Now really...is anybody out there really surprised???

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