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'88 5kCSTQ Brake???

This newbie had posted regarding brakes of the recently purchased
'88 5kCSTQ (95k miles). Looks like the pressure accumulator is bad.
I've heard that parts are about 210$. How about labor? 
Does anybody know a good mechanic in Chicagoland? 
How difficult is it to fix it yourself? (remember the newbie status...)

One more thing about brakes... It snowed here 2 days ago and I noticed one
more thing... in situations where ABS would be effective, the brakes
make a lot of noise -- like the pads were very rough and were grinding,
I also feel a jerk on the brake pedal. This does not happen if I switch the
ABS off. Also, The malfunction (?) of the ABS I mentioned b4 (ABS switching
itself off suddenly) has increased a lot and now the ABS gets switched off
every now and then. I have a wild imagination about this thing -- could it be 
that there is some problem with the brakes, and so the ABS cannot
perform properly (the grinding etc) and the system realizes this, so
it shuts ABS off, trying to do the best it can...

Any suggestions/comments ??