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Wanted: loving home for Coupe GT

        I have a one owner 86 Coupe GT with 120K on the odo.  It is Zermatt 
     silver metallic with Brasil brown cloth interior.  My GT has been 
     garaged since new and is electrically and mechanically perfect (i.e. 
     everything works and works well).  I've run Mobile 1 since break in 
     and the car burns nary a drop of oil.   Recent maintenance include new 
     brakes, rotors etc., Ansa exhaust and Boge turbo gas struts front and 
     rear.  This car is very nice and easily worth $4K, my asking price.
        I just made my last child support payment and, since Audi no longer 
     offers a two door, I'm looking at a 300ZX.  Just thought I'd throw 
     this on the list before I put it in the local paper and some 
     degenerate teenager buys and destroys it.  Anyone interested can reply 
     via this E-mail or reach me at (804) 558-6716 days or (804) 362-8378 
     evenings.  The car is located in Norfolk Virginia. 
                                                                Tom Brown