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Re: '88 5kCSTQ Brake (ABS: grinding & sensor)

> From:	SMTP%"wenode@perelandra.cms.udel.edu"      "Vinod Arekar"    13-NOV-1995 11:19
> To:	quattro@coimbra.ans.net
> CC:	murari@cfar.umd.edu, yensoy@eng.umd.edu
> Subj:	'88 5kCSTQ Brake???
> One more thing about brakes... It snowed here 2 days ago and I noticed one
> more thing... in situations where ABS would be effective, the brakes
> make a lot of noise -- like the pads were very rough and were grinding,
This horrendous grinding noise is apparently normal. My '88 does it, and 
the Audi specialists I've dealt with say it's normal.  The noise is 
especially noticable at low speeds in the snow.  It's not quite as 
annoying at high speeds on dry pavement, as I found out for the first time
last week when Bambi strolled in front of me.

> I also feel a jerk on the brake pedal. This does not happen if I switch the
> ABS off. Also, The malfunction (?) of the ABS I mentioned b4 (ABS switching
> itself off suddenly) has increased a lot and now the ABS gets switched off
> every now and then. 

If the last guy to "fix" the brakes didn't reinsert the ABS sensors properly,
you'll get the "flaky ABS light" situation.  Nothing a competent Audi mechanic
can't fix in a matter of minutes.  The difficult part is finding a competent
mechanic.  Good luck!

> Thanks,
> Vinod

'88 5000tq  110k mile$ and new brake$ all around