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RE: Wierd start problems.

Speaking of wierd start problems...Every once in a while, my '90 AudiQC   
will not start on the first try....there is a small amount of engine   
turn, but it just dies...no matter if I have driven it for 9hours or not   
at all.  I have to turn the key all the way off, take the key out, put it   
back and at try starting it again.  It never fails!!  This is what is   
confusing me.  The starter is just fine (hey, a '90 with 57k on it is a   
baby!), and there are no problems with the engine.  Though it might just   
be wiring (considerng the stock stero system is fuzzing when I turn up   
the volume, that is due to wiring...).  I would appreciate any input from   
anyone who might know about this!  Thanks!  (I think it's about time to   
appease the Audi gods anyways...)

Armand Abundis

'90 Audi QC
'91 Ford ProbeGL (not for much longer!!...anyone want to buy it?  60k on   
it.  Asking $5000)